Vacation 2002

Day 1 - Flew in to Las Vegas and left town immediately :-)
    Stayed in Williams on the first night.

Day 2 - Avoided the south entrance to the Grand Canyon and
    visited Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater, and Wupatki Pueblo.
    Stayed at the Cameron Trading Post (highly recommended for
    basic accommodations).

Day 3 - Visited the Grand Canyon from the East Entrance.
    Encountered virtually no other people and had the overlooks
    to ourselves for the first hour.   Spent the rest of the day hiking
    around the rim of the Grand Canyon.  Sunsets and sunrises at
    the Grand Canyon are highly recommended.

Day 4 - Headed north from Cameron and visited the Dinosaur Tracks,
    Antelope Canyon (highest recommendation), and Glen Canyon Dam.

Day 5  - Drove to Zion.   Being inside the canyons at Zion was a nice
    contrast to only visiting the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Day 6 - Returned to Las Vegas for several days.  Beware of cultural
    shock from going from the wilderness to the lights of Las Vegas.

Walnut Canyon - Arizona
Wupatki Pueblo - Arizona
Antelope Canyon - Arizona
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon - Part 2
Zion National Park - Utah

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