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Cars - Buying, safety - Car Buying - MSN
autos.msn.com_everyday_gasstations.aspx=Netx - find gas by zip code - new car pricing, chat rooms - check history of a used car - $$$ - Auto recall - Auto By Tel - car buying - pricing - AutoPricing - Autos Recalls, reviews, book value - AutoWeb - Car Accessories - buying a new car - Carsmart, book value, buying - Marketplace - Canada's Investigative - car recalls, etc. - Edmunds Car Pricing - new and used car pricing
www.fool.com_car_Buyingacar.htm - Motley Fools - find gas prices - Gas prices by county - map - Kelly Blue Book - new and used car pricing - National Highway Safety - auto reliability

Communication Specs - Ethernet Card IDs
www.cavebear.com_CaveBear_Ethernet_vendor.html - Ethernet Card IDs - 2
www.ethermanage.com_ethernet_ethernet.html - Ethernet rules

Consumer Information - Government Consumer Info - reviews of consumer products - Consumer Information - Caskets - Fraud Org - Internet Scam Busters, hoaxes

Copywrite Issues

Copywrite Primer
Federal Relations
Intellectual Property
US Copywrite Office


driverpacks.net_Projects_DriverPacks - Lots of drivers
Version Tracker - Files - Hardware drivers - CD Rom Drivers, etc - 1 - drivers from different vendors

Fun Stuff



Boy Scout Knots - animated!
Knot Links
Knots - UK - knot tying - knots

Coke Machines
Cookie Information
Daily Dummies via email
Home Repairs, Sewing, Gardening, etc. - Home value - real estate value
kokogiak.com_megapenny - building things with pennies
List of smileys - emoticons
List of smileys - part 2
List of Smilieys - Part 3
Previous Cool Sites of the Day
Public News Servers
Terraserver at Microsoft - Satallite Pictures
The Daily Martian Weather Report
The Smoking Gun - Freedom of Information Documents - copy famous receipes - Easter Eggs - Easter Eggs - Famous Birthdays - Search famous birthdays - Federal and United States Statistics
www.jeacle.ie_mortgage_ - Mortgage - lots of variables - make shampoo, etc. Info Databases - Build science toys - History of Cartoons

Bill Gates Net worth
Bill Gates Wealth Index


Bill Gates Net worth
Bill Gates Wealth Index


Ancestry Message Boards - Message [ Honeycutt ] - Genealogy - Annanias Roberts - Latter-Day Saints - Morman - Genealogy

Ghost - how to use Ghost and Sysprep
Google Groups_ View Thread _150 XP workstations to deploy_
Google Groups_ View Thread _Ghosting Windows XP_
Google Groups_ View Thread _Sysprep on XP with different hardware does not work_
How to change the SID on a Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT computer
Learn to exploit WinXP's disk cloning support - IT Manager - CNETAsia
Using SYSPREP to Create XP Pro Images - sysprep guide

Internet History_Stats - Internet Statistics - Internet Statistics - Interesting maps on Internet traffic - Internet usage
www.isoc.org_internet_history - Usenet History, FAQs, History, etc. - Learn to use the Internet

Job Titles

www.argus-tech.com_intervie.htm - Interview Questions - 1 - Interview Questions - 2
www.unc.edu_atn_ctc_titles.html - UNC

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_Fall 05

A Place At The Beach IV Hurry Week of 8-27
Myrtle Beach Oceanfront - Condominium - Sleeps 7
Myrtle Beach South Carolina Vacation Homes - Condominium - Sleeps 6


Carleton College Web Services Group ContentDM Tech Notes
Changing Header_Footer
CONTENTdm Online Help - Editing the Localization Files
CONTENTdm Online Help - Editing the Page Footer
CONTENTdm Online Help - Editing the Page Header
CONTENTdm Online Help - JPEG2000 File Format Settings
CONTENTdm Online Help - Using Domain Accounts to Access Collections
Overview of Changing Templates
Subscriber's Corner


Current update of the eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i
Fodor's Travel Guides Forums
Hawaii Vacation Travel Guide
Island of Hawaii Forum - TripAdvisor
Kauai Drive Guide Maps Kauai Maps, Kauai Travel Maps, Kauai Driving Maps, Kauai Map
Kauai Forum - TripAdvisor
Sightseeing Tips for a First Time Visitor to the Island of Kauai, Hawaii
Sunshine Markets on Kauai
TheHawaiiChannel - WeatherMap
Welcome to Wizard Publications, Inc

AT&T - Cancel
From Msg Brds

List Servers - Email Information - List Groups,Lookup email addresses,etc. - Windows 95 listserv and others - thousands of listservs


MacOPINION_ Articles and commentary on computing and the Macintosh platform - Apple History of products - Mac and Windows - Mac OSX vs. XP


AAA Maps - gas station locations - user maps for Google Maps - Driving Directions, maps
Topozone - Topo Maps - maps, directions, hotels-motels
www.randmcnally.com_ - Like Mapquest - truck stops - 3d maps and directions - directions and maps from Michelin - add tags to Google maps

Medical - Cancer Information Service - Clinical Trials - Experts on cancer - info from Mayo Clinic - Association of Cancer Online Resources Cancer Institute - American Cancer Society - help from cancer survivor - research medical conditions - $$$ - research medical conditions - $$$



All Experts
Ask An Expert
Expert Central
Expert site -
Expert Site
How Stuff Works
Why Files - Science Stuff

Federal Government Info

Federal Government Information - governement info
Government Information
THOMAS_ Legislative Information on the Internet
United States Postal Service Public WWW Server


100 Percent Free Stuff
Bottom Dollar - comparison shopping
Cool Savings - Coupons
Coupons - Amazing
Coupons Directory - Coupons
Daily Deals
Deal Pilot - compare vendors - books, music, movies - comparison shopping
Discount Coupons - online shopping
Esmarts - comparison shopping, coupons - discounts and coupons - Barnes and Noble - Coupons - Coupons - Coupons - Coupons - coupons

USB to DOS freedos usbdrv.html - USB Boot Diskette

800 Batteries
AT&T 800 Numbers Lookup
Calendar of Trade Shows
Compare ISP - online providers
Compare Shippers - UPS, FedEx, Airborne
Create Autorun CDs
Currency Converter
Dead People Server - current earthquake maps and data
Federal Agencies - Print star maps for a city - astronomy
home.HiWAAY.net_~lkseitz_math_roman - Roman Numerials - who is linked to a site
listserv.uark.edu_archives_labmgr.html - Lab Manager List Archives
Maps of the Americas
Memory Configuration
NC Infragard - FBI
North Carolina Sex Offenders
Number Guessing Game - Divide by 9
OneLook Dictionaries - all-in-one package tracking with UPS, FedEx, Airborne and more.
Pegasus Mail by David Harris
Quack Medicine
Search Engine stats and info - test you Windows and Internet Security - World Trade Center (WTC)
Slipstick Systems - Microsoft Outlook FAQ
The James Randi Educational Foundation Homepage
The List - internet service providers
The Ultimates - meta search for phone, email, trip planner
Time Service Department
Time Zone
UNCA Campus Web Server - AccessWatch Summary
users.vnet.net_lansford_a10 - I-26 Construction Page
Validation Webpage - compatible - check votes
Weather World Satellite Imagery Menu - State Information
www.bartleby.com_100 - Barletts Quotations - various batteries - Light bulbs, etc.
www.buncombetax.org_ - tax rates for Buncombe County - Crucial Technology - find memory - DSL, cable modems, etc. - Survey info - salaries - fees - etc
www.familywatchdog.us_search.asp - nationwide sex offenders - Find A Death - grave - Search for a grave - death - how to fix products - retirement calculator - user generated lists of things - convert between measurements - What Webserver Are They Using - Netcraft - Make a WHOIS search on any domain - Monetary Exchange Rates (money)' - replacement china, silverware, crystal - tracert, web server version, whois - Search public records - different states - Photoshop Tutorials - top 500 fastest supercomputers - search for who owns a domain - partial also

Movie Info - Rate a movie - suggestions given - Reviews, box office amounts - movie box office totals - Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - Internet Movie Database - movie rankings - averages critics - Movie Bloopers - Movie Info, show times, reviews - Movie Reviews - Movie Info, ratings, rentals - movie bloopers and slipups

Music - song lyrics - Lyrics Wiki - Music Schedules - Cities, groups, etc.

NCREN UNCA Statistics

UNCA NCREN Statistics

Network - unofficial wireless networking - Cables for modems, pdas, gps, ac adapters

Network Speed - test internet speed
tech.msn.com_internet_speedtest.asp - Internet Speed Test - Speed of internet connection - network speed test

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listserv.educause.edu_archives_cio.html - CIO Listserv Archives - staffing statistics for tech in higher education
www.drms.dla.mil_asset_govealpa.html = Government Surplus

News Searching - Electronic Library - search magazines, newspapers, wire services, etc.
web.lexis-nexis.com_universe - Lexis - Nexis - Find Articles in magazines - Search Newspapers - Search science, medicine, business, etc. - PR Newswire - Total News - newspaper search, press releases, networks

Palm Pilot

SmartphoneSource - powered by vBulletin
www.pdaphonehome.com_forums - 6700 discussion - Palm Pilot List and Archive

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Anandtech - hardware reviews, memory pricing
Gateway ESource - UNCA
Gateway P5-133 Memory
Information Technology Procurement
Internet Shopping Outlet -- Your on-line source for computer hardware, software, services, game
Mounts and More - Your source for TV Mounts, Plasma Mounts, LCD Mounts and Mount Accessories
My Simon
Price Watch® - Street Price Search Engine
Pricescan - comparison shopping
PriceSpider The Next Generation Price Engine - Sure Savings. Right Under Your Nose.
StreetPrices.com_ Your Low Price Search Engine
Supplynet - GPS - Cellphone cables
User Evaluations of On-Line Computer Hardware Vendors
welcome to the roosster's home
Wholesale Cable - 100 ft vga cables, etc. - Prices on items
www.fcc.gov_oet_fccid_ - ID hardware by FCC number - wireless antenna - Search many vendors - find memory for PCs, printers, cameras


CD Duplication, DVD Duplicators, CD Printer, DVD Duplicator, and DVD Duplication Equipment


__BrainReactions Online Brainstorming Tool Beta Open brainstorms
__LookSmart's Furl - Popular Headlines
__MasterJoe.ORG PC Tutorials, Publications, and Tips - where YOU decide what's important popular urls to the latest web buzz
__Recent Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 Tips, Tricks, Registry Hacks.
__Simpy - tagging, social bookmarking and personal search engine Most Active - Last Week
__Squidoo Homepage what people are clicking on today
__Webneeks - The Innnovative Web - Blog About Interesting and Fresh Websites and Ideas Online - Tech News - reddit what's new online
_NEO Binaries The definitive guide to newest and the most popular web2.0 applications. Listings, reviews, news, articles and web 2.0 community
_Travel Blogs The Web's Original Free Travel Journals - Travel Blogs - Travel Websites - Travelogues! ( Since 1997 ) - Articles & Tutorials
Carnivorous Creations(TM)
Computer Lock - PC Lock - Laptop Lock - Encryption
General Networking
Gina Hughes Yahoo! Tech - converting 8mm film
gizmag Article Mount, power, and play your iPod in your car
Google Page Creator The Most Popular Myths in Science
Magic Eye Chill Text Generator
Main Page - Wikilaw
Museum Store Company, Art History, Art, Artifact, Archaeology
Office Rocker! Blogcast OneNote 2007
Open CRS Network - Congressional Research Service Reports for the People
SATA to IDE Converter from Addonics
Seekz Web Search - Meta Search Engine
SpyCatcher Express - free spyware removal software
Tech Shows
The Campus Computing Project - technology fees, etc.
The Foliage Network - Providing accurate fall foliage conditions, fall foliage reports, and tra
USA Amateur Athletic Association Inc. - Worldwide Travel Guide
VRBO Vacation Rentals by Owner South Carolina - South Carolina Vacation Rentals, South Carolina - search engine for travel, health, politics

Ghost1 - Ghost Images


TechRepublic - The IT Community Hub

State Info

Estimate of Benefits
NCDOT DMV Online Services Menu
North Carolina General Assembly - Home Page
North Carolina Serving Citizens
North Carolina State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags Maps Song
Office of State Personnel Home Page
Official Website for the State of North Carolina
OSP State Government Jobs Posting - IT
Welcome to the North Carolina Office of the Governor > Travel Talk

Phone Books - area codes for different cities - Anywho Phone Book - AT&T -
www.infobel.com_teldir - Telephone Directories - Worldwide - Phone Book Searching - White_Yellow Pages - meta search - reverse search - Search - White_Yellow Pages - WhoWhere


Most popular camera models according to Flickr - general guides - digital cameras - prints - digital camera reviews - Camera reviews, etc. - camera discussion - order prints - reivews, etc. - prints, mouse pads, puzzles, etc from photos - reviews


Resnet Archives

Search Engines

Ask Jeeves - ask general questions on everything
Dogpile Meta Search
Feedster (sf) RSS Search Engine
Hot Bot 1 - Search Engine
IxQuick - meta search
MetaEureka - meta search
Search Engine Watch
Teoma - Search with Authority
What People Search For - Most Popular Keywords - SPY
www.alltheweb.com_recentqueries - most recent searches - search weblogs, listgroups, etc - dark net - search RSS feeds - International - see what people are searching for - search stats on google - most popular, etc. - Lots of stats, magazines, newspapers, etc. - what people are searching for Google - Yahoo - MSN - etc - search Weblogs - blogs


Completely Free - ZDNet Download
Freeware Files - Free Software Downloads
Freeware Hall of Fame - Shareware
Jumbo Shareware Search
shareware.cnet.com_ - Shareware Meta Search - shareware - Freeware - Old versions of software - Free Site - Tucows Shareware - shareware - Freeware - shareware - software and drivers

Social Security

Washingtonpost.com_ Social Security Special Report
Welcome to the SOCIAL SECURITY Network


Airlines - Airline plane seating
kudos.traveldesk.com_airports.html - Airport Codes - American Airlines Planes
www.cheaptickets.com_trs_cheaptickets_flighttracker_flight_tracker_home.xsl - FlightTracker - - Flight Arrivals - plane photos
www.mapping.com_airportcodes.html - Airport Codes - airplane seating - Webflyer - airline information - deals on cars, flights, rooms


Best Value Travel - between island flights
Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau
Silver Lining Travel - Accomodations (Oahu) - ASTON AT THE WAIKIKI SHORE (Aston), WAIKIKI
Waikiki Shore - Aloha Waikiki Vacation Condos - Waikiki Vacation - Waikiki Hotels - Waikiki Haw

__IgoUgo Travel Reviews, Vacation Pictures, Travel Deals
__Lonely Planet Online The Thorn Tree - travel boards - lowest fares from AVL - etc. - Yahoo - scan different airlines - hotels - airline reservations - IE plugin - search many sites = searches travel sites for air faire
Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine - Online - Track flights - statistics - compare fares - various airlines - up to 2 years
Microsoft Expedia - Travel Info - various carriers - Hotels - Search travelocity-expedia-orbitz - etc
Smarter Living_ Discount Travel, Internet Airfare Specials, Travel Sales and More
Travelocity - user supplied info on destinations - Airport Parking - Airport Parking - recent Priceline bids - manually search multiple sites for air hotel car - Comeback Alive - Disney World discussion groups - Airport Parking - Fodor's Travel Online - Discount Airfare - Reviews and things to do - various places - Search several airlines - Places to eat in cities - Rough Guides - Resort Reviews

TV - TV show tickets

Urban Legends

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Truth Or Fiction - email reality check - verify rumors
Urban Legend-like news stories - urban legends


www.hiddensoft.com_autoit - Autoit Scripting
www.nu2.nu_bootdisk_network - Network boot diskettes - BIOS Updates


Antivirus Info - hoaxes,etc.
ca.com_virusinfo_ - Computer Associates - email and viruses hoaxes - Internet Storm Center - Virus trends
Network Associates (McAfee) - hoaxes, virus, etc.
Network Associates
Symantec Anti Virus Center - Symantec - viruses that are hot
TrendMicro Housecall Antivirus - Java Based - email hoaxes, urban legends - Network Associates
Webroot - Spy Audit - Free Spyware Scan
wtc.trendmicro.com_wtc_pcc_wmap.html - what viruses are hot - Aladdin Systems Virus Info
www.avp.ch_avpve_ - List of Viruses - search for strings from web logs - hoaxes, viruses - hot viruses - no online scan - removal tools
www.ravantivirus.comscanindexn.php - upload a file with a virus - stats on most popular
www.simovits.com_nyheter9902.html - Trojan Ports - anti virus - hoaxes
www.spywarepoint.com_spyware - manually remove spyware
www.stiller.com_hoaxes.htm - Hoaxes - Virus Hoaxes - lookup ports - Virus Myths

Weather Info

FEMA Storm Watch
Storm97 Hurricane Central - Your news source for hurricane and storm information. - radar loop of Asheville
weather.noaa.gov_radar - NOAA national radar - Hurricane from NOAA
www.starstonesoftware.com_eots__Eye of the Storm - Hurricane

Windows NT _ XP

Ars Technica_ Wireless Security Blackpaper - Page 2 - (7_2002)
Browser Security Test - scripting examples - VBS - jscript - perl - kix - python - batch
eEye Digital Security Team - Home A Site Dedicated to FREEWARE!!!
JSI, INC. - Tips & Tricks - Windows Server 2003 - Windows XP - Windows 2000 - Windows Server 2003.
SavillTech's home on the Web
Slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 1a and Create Bootable CD - Windows-Help.NET
TCP_IP Ports - Networkice
TCP_IP Ports
Tech Support Forum v4.2- Your computer Support Source
Tech Support Guy Forums - Free help for Windows 98, 2000, XP, and more!
TweakHound XP Services
Ultimate Boot CD
Win32 Scripting.... Everything you need to get up and running
Windows NT Archives - WINNT-L
Windows NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks. JSI, Inc is your Windows NT Resource
Windows Scripting Host
Windows XP Services Explained
Winternals Software
World of Windows Networking - 95,98, NT,2000
WUGNET - NT - shareware and info - Explain services in Windows XP
www.blkviper.com_WinXP_servicecfg.htmhttp___www.blkviper.com_WinXP_servicecfg.htm - Windows XP
www.iana.org_assignments_port-numbers - Port Numbers - IIS issues - patches, advice - Hard Drive Jumpers - ramdisk ramdrive for XP, 2003 - Windows XP tweaks - registry and Windows tweaks

Kid safety goes high-tech
Order Easy Web Gallery Builder